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Sticky Acres Honey is collected by bees in Southeastern Wisconsin, near Watertown, Wisconsin.  Beekeeper Steve Battenberg has been keeping bees for over 15 years as a hobby and small business. He typically keeps 17-20 hives in several locations in the area.  He currently provides pollination services for Jelli's Market in Helenville, WI.

Our honey is collected by bees that are visiting variety of flowers including  strawberries,  clover, buckwheat, and goldenrod. The honey itself is a light color and has a pleasing, mild taste with flowery overtones.  Our honey is not processed and never heated so that all the natural enzymes and phytonutrients are unharmed.You can purchase our honey by ordering online and either come and pick it up on site, or have it shipped anywhere in the US.

We also carry homemade stained glass products made by Deb, and farm fresh eggs ($3.50 a dozen - call to arrange pickup).

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